52 weeks money saving challenge with Notion

Do you struggle to save money or have a plan that's difficult to stick to? You can try a saving challenge. This saving challenge helps you save extra $1,378 or more after 52 weeks.

52 weeks money saving challenge with Notion

Saving money can be difficult

A lot of people find it difficult to commit to a saving plan and end up spending all their income. Most times, this is due to not having a goal to save up for. Having saving goals can be a motivating factor in achieving your overall financial goals. You can have a goal towards an investment, vacation, tuition, gadget or for a donation to charity. It is also important that you are able to monitor and track your progress along the way. That is why we built this essential tool which helps you track the progress of a 52 weeks saving challenge.

52 weeks saving challenge

This is a popular challenge for saving money whereby you start saving $1 in the first week and then you add an extra dollar to the amount you save in the subsequent weeks. Let's say you start this week by saving $1, the following week you save $2, the week after that you save $3 and so on. In the 10th week you save $10, the following week you save $11 till the 52nd week were you save $52. By the end of the 52nd week you would have saved a total of $1,378.

We created a Notion template to help you track your progress for the challenge in real time. We think this tool is essential to achieving your weekly goals and completing the challenge. It helps you see where you at, how much you have saved every week and also reminds you to complete the goal every week.

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